Using the Aergo CLI

CLI for the proposer/validator

Start the cli:

$ python3 -m aergo_cli.main

The first step is to create a config file or load an existing one


Then the main menu appears with cli functionalty:


These are the settings available from the cli


Creating a config file from scratch


Registering a new bridge


Updating bridge settings


If the new anchoring periode reached validator consensus, it can then be automatically updated in the bridge contract by the proposer.

proposer: mainnet: "Anchoring periode update requested: 7"
proposer: mainnet: "⌛ tAnchorUpdate success"

CLI for asset transfers

Registering a new asset in config file


Transfering a registered asset

_images/initiate.png _images/finalize.png

Check pending transfers

It is possible to check withdrawable balances of pending transfer between chains.


If a transfer was made with the cli, the transfer parameters are recorded but it is also possible to check the withdrawable balance of a custom transfer between any chain. ‘Withdrawable’ is the balance that can be immediatly withdrawn on the other side of the bridge. ‘Pending’ is the balance that was deposited in the bridge contract but the anchor has not happened on the other side of the bridge so it is not yet withdrawable.

Pending transfers are recorded as an array of [departure chain, destination chain, asset name, receiver, block height of lock/burn]. All pending transfer are store in cli/pending_transfers.json and deleted once finalized.